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Orientalism, self-Orientalism, and internalized racism


This exam is a take-home exam.  Please read the questions carefully and respond to each of them in one short essay (200-300 words).

1-Precisely describe “Orientalism,” “self-Orientalism,” and “internalized racism”. (Worth 8 marks) Bring example(s) from your everyday life or current events to exemplify self -Orientalism and/or internalized racism (Worth 3 marks). In your example(s), try to clarify how Orientalism as a dominant system of knowledge production may result in self- Orientalism and internalized racism. (Worth 2 marks)

(Your essay should be 200-300 words) (worth 13 Marks)

2-Precisely describe “gender binary system,” “hegemonic masculinity,” and “emphasized femininity.” (Worth 7 marks). Explain and exemplify how are the gender roles reproduced in society? (Worth 5 marks) (hint: discuss how agents of socialization contribute to internalizing gender roles in the new generation).

(Your essay should be 200-300 words) (worth 13 Marks)

General points:

  • Please Bold and highlight each theory and concept that you use.
  • Please submit your answers to all questions (i.e., two short essays) in one PDF document in the

final exam module within the course Moodle by December 8th at 11.59 PM.

DUE DATE: 11.59 PM December 8th

This exam is worth 25% of your final grade.

LATE PENALTIES: 5%/day every day beginning right after the due date. Any response

received after that date, unless we’ve worked out an extension beforehand, will receive


Final take home Exam

Questions and Rubric

Soci 1125

Fall 2021


You need to focus on my slides and lectures much more than textbook materials for this exam.

Please do not copy and paste any definition from the textbook or slides. Instead, you need to

read, understand, and rephrase the concepts in your own words.

As you can see, I assign particular marks (in the form of (worth…marks) )for each section of

questions. That is the quantitative way to evaluate your response. In addition to that, I consider

these qualitative criteria in marking the content of your response in each section:

  • Definition of concepts/theories: accurate definition of the theories and concepts which are

required in each question.

  • Your analytical engagement with the subject matter. This criterion will be assessed by

examining your mastery of the subject matter. There are different ways for me to assess this

aspect. e.g. by evaluating how you apply the theories to examples from your everyday life, etc.

  • Applying relevant and innovative examples. If your essay meets other criteria, bringing

Innovative and authentic examples (beyond the examples that are textbook or slides) is the key to

getting A grade. That is my way to see if you go above and beyond the text.

  • Structure/ format/ Citation:

Font: Times New Roman or Calibri, size 12pt

Style: Casey ASA (American Sociological Association). You can find the guideline for ASA

style on the moodle.

Please edit your assignment before you submit it. Make sure that each sentence makes sense and

helps to develop your response. Your response should be ordered nicely, clear and be readable.

Good paragraphing may help you in this regard.

Plagiarism: You need to cite whatever statement is not exclusively your original thoughts.

Otherwise, your writing would be considered plagiarism. In case of plagiarism, you get to meet

with me, and you will get a ‘0’ on your exam. It will be up to my discretion whether or not I

decide to involve the administration in any case of plagiarism I encounter.

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