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Organizing a Curriculum

Write a proposal for your course where you consider the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of learning and experiences. Indicate how the course aligns to your learning theory and instructional design model:
Determine the subject or concept, level, and type of nursing course you wish to create.
Will the course use one or more domains?
Will the course be at the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, or continuing education/professional development level?
Will students need any prior knowledge, co-requisite, or pre-requisite before enrolling in the course?
Provide your rationale for your choices.
Evaluate activity and assignment types.
Are the activities and assignments student-centered and do they provide learning opportunities for any learning style?
Will the activities and assignments work in any modality?
Are the activities and assignments appropriate for the teaching styles of faculty?
Do the activities and assignments meet the objectives set by accrediting standards?
Evaluate instructional materials and resources for value and appropriateness.
Which types of materials and resources would you need to procure?
Would you need to work with a subject matter expert and/or an instructional designer to evaluate materials and resources best suited for the course?
What is the cost to the organization and students for the materials and resources you plan to use?
Will you need to work with another department to produce the materials and resources you need?

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