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Organizational Performance


THEME: ‘Evaluate the impact Line Managers have on organisational performance’

Research and evaluate the role of Line Managers within organisations and consider their impact on its performance. Begin by discussing how organisational culture might influence their management styles, communication and decision making, delegation and empowerment, explaining how Line Managers typically operate in today’s business environment, while considering different working environments, such as fast food, retailing, banking, manufacturing or entertainment.

Extend your investigation into how Line Managers will affect staff motivation and employee engagement, both as individuals and teams, and analyse how this impacts on the way people work and, as a result, what impact it has on their performance.

With ever changing demands and pressures (for example, customers / competitive environment / cost control), different work practices, and challenging targets to be met, conclude your report by summarising the importance of effective line management to ensure efficient change management and improved organisational performance.

Provide theory and concepts to help support your comments and provide structure to your writing, with referencing and a bibliography. This is an INDIVIDUAL piece of work. You should include examples of businesses and organisations to help illustrate your comments.

Last Updated on February 10, 2019

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