Organizational Leadership Assignment

Organizational Leadership

Assignment 1:

Leader Analysis Paper #1

During this course, you will have the opportunity to select a leader to analyze in terms of each addressed topic.  In order to do so, you will need to identify a leader for which there is substantial information about his or her leadership style, traits and behaviors in order for you to conduct a review and analysis of his or her leadership competencies.

On Units 3, 6, 9, and 13 you will be asked to respond to various questions about your particular leader and draw correlations between your leader and what you have learned.  For this week’s paper (Leader Analysis Paper #1) you will focus on how your leader did (or did not) display aspects of Fundamentals of Leadership (Unit 1), Effective Thinking (Unit 2), and Emotional Intelligence (Unit 3). You will need to cite your conclusions with references from the week’s reading material.

Leader Analysis

Your choice of leader will need to be approved by the instructor.  If, at any point, you find that you do not have enough material to continue your evaluation of this particular leader, you may change to a different leader but only with the approval of your instructor.


For Leader Analysis Paper #1, please submit a 4-5 page (minimum) double-spaced paper that details the following:

  1.  Who is your leader and what leadership role/s has this person had?
  2.  What is your interest in this leader?  Why do you want to choose this person?
  3.  What preliminary comprehensive sources have you found to support your weekly research?  In other words, do you have sufficient materials and references to continue to assess and analyze this person and his/her leadership style, traits and behaviors throughout this course?
  4.  References to this Units 1, 2, and 3 reading materials that support your choice. Specifically, how did your leader display (or not display) aspects ofFundamentals of Leadership (Unit 1), Effective Thinking (Unit 2), and Emotional Intelligence (Unit 3).

The grading rubric is attached here.


Unit 2 Lesson 1 Forum Activity

View the Video ‘Developing Your Creativity’. 

Please describe an area in your professional life that you could benefit from a boost in creativity.  What are some ways/ideas that you could use to develop your own creativity?

Submission Date: 09.04.18


Unit 3 Lesson 1 Forum Activity

View the video ‘Leading with Emotional Intelligence

What are your Emotional Intelligence strengths? How will these strengths allow you to be a more effective leader? How can you improve your Emotional Intelligence?

Unit 4 Lesson 2 Forum Activity

Take the Learning Styles assessment at and discuss your reactions in the forum. What are your preferences?  What are the preferences of your boss, peers, and subordinates?  How can you apply this knowledge of preferences?

Unit 5 Lesson 1 Forum Activity

View the video Adjusting to Organizational Culture from Communication Fundamentals with John Ullmen (Section 2, Part 3). Answer the following in the forum:  1. Which way does your culture (or an organization you were once in) lean in each of the six factors? How much? 2. Which of the six factors do you think is the most important to align with?




Assignment 2:

Unit 4 Lesson 1 Written Assignment

Based on the video (specifically Section 1: Understanding the Communications Plan) think of a presentation or proposal you have given or observed, or may be giving in the future, and complete a Stakeholder Register (Stakeholder Register example).  Requirements include a brief synopsis of the presentation or proposal (1 page maximum) and a completed register. You may use whatever format for the register (word document, spreadsheet, etc.) that is convenient.


Assignment 3:

Leader Analysis Paper #2

For Leader Analysis Paper #2, please submit a 4-5 page (minimum) double-spaced paper that details the following:

  1. Specifically, how did your leader display (or not display) aspects of Communication and Leadership (Unit 4), Recognizing and Leveraging Organizational Culture and Climate (Unit 5),and Developing High Performing Teams  (Unit 6). Please include references to Units 4, 5, and 6 reading materials that support your answers.
  2. How can you apply the conclusions of your assessment and analysis to leadership roles and responsibilities in your organization?


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