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Organizational Dynamics and Governance Response

Write a substantive response, use in text citation and references. You are to respond to the peer text. Check files Uploaded Use example

response file as an outline on how to properly write a response.

Post a(substantive) response to the following peer response text:

In team building, discuss ways in which you develop a team and set an objective/mission, and discuss how and why you would develop a team and

what would you do at the conclusion of the mission. Why is it important to define each team member’s role and responsibility? Should all team

members be involved in all project activities, meetings, and discussions?

Peer response text

Successful leaders know how to build effective and productive teams. I would build a team based off of organizational needs and priorities.

Leaders show their employees how to effectively collaborate with each other. When employees have the right leadership they feel more empowered,

creative and proactive. It is important for a leader take the time to sit down and brainstorm with employees, this shows employees that you want

to see them succeed and that you are part of the team too. At the conclusion of a mission, I would have a meeting with my team and reflect on

what went well and what could have been done differently depending on the outcome. I would also make that a time where we can relax and have a

little fun. It is important when building a team that each member knows what is being asked of them so they understand what they need to

contribute to make the mission a success. It is also important to let an employee know if they did something wrong, they will understand what

the issue was and not make the same mistake twice. Furthermore, not all team members need to be part of a project all the time, it really

depends on the project but they should be part of meeting and discussions so they are in the loop if someone has questions and for their own


Keep in mind posting, should be substantive based on evidence ( concepts, ideas, evidence-based research or practice which must be

cited) and well supported with examples and details (from professional experience is acceptable, but must be substantiated with supportive

evidence and cited appropriately [citation in text and a reference list). Brief responses and personal opinions are not

appropriate .The response should meet a minimal requirement of at least a paragraph in length, A paragraph should contain at least

three (3) complete statements.


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