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Organizational culture and preparing the new employee

Organizational culture and preparing the new employee

Brief Overview of Emerging Issues Project

You are to investigate an emerging issue (that will be assigned to you) as it relates to overall human resource management. Use at least five (5) academic appropriate written sources and interview at least two (2) different ?informants? to learn about the issue. Your findings must be a high quality professional document that would be presentable to the client?s owner, president, or CEO.

Page limitations are not provided, as you are the expert in the emerging issue so ?get the job done.? You will need to use your textbook, JWU databases, library, family, friends, and professionals. Please see section II (General Guidelines)

I. Written Component

Your document should include the following sections. All sections should have a subheading listed. Prior to the Table of Contents, please ensure you have a cover page.

a. Table of Contents

Table of contents should include all the following project sections with appropriate page numbers.

b. Executive Summary or Abstract

The executive summary/abstract is a brief introduction to your document that highlights each section

briefly. Examples of executive summaries or abstracts can be found through research.

c. Background on the issue

d. Why the issue is of current and/or future importance

e. How your informants view and are affected by the issue

f. Discuss the implications from a ?for? and ?against? argument

g. Identify at least a minimum of two (2) Federal or State laws that relate to the

issue and its implications

h. Offer your recommendations to organizations facing this issue

i. Reference page and in-text citations must be in either MLA or APA format

If any writing is factual and/or someone else?s idea(s), it is expected that in-text citations with a

reference page will be included.

j. Appendices

If applicable

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