Organizational chart

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Create an organizational chart showing the organization of personnel in a telemedicine expansion program.

Identifying the typical organization of responsibilities in providing healthcare information services. Simultaneously, identify the clients of the services: who will use them? Major user groups you should include at minimum are clinical providers, clinical administrators, strategic leadership, medical billers, and medical coders.

Using this collected information, create an organizational chart. Your chart should include at a minimum:

*Three rows of personnel in information services: senior management, management, and analysts for particular systems, such as networking or EHRs.

*Appropriate division of responsibilities among at least four columns of personnel (e.g., four mid-level managers).

*For each column, identification of the primary client groups and other stakeholders. *Who is the primary consumer of the services provided? Who else would be impacted by changes to these services?

In addition to your organizational chart, write 1-2 paragraphs summarizing the expected impact of expanding telemedicine services to each role in the organizational chart. What changes will they be required to make to support this expansion? What additional services will they be required to provide?

Length: 1-page organizational chart, 1-2 pages annotation, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources


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