Nutritional history

Activity 6 – Nutritional History

Complete the next activity of the Unit. At the bottom of the document, a rubric appears to assess compliance with all parts of the work. A rubric is a guide that will direct you in a fulfillment of the requested and where you will see more clearly how to present your university work. Instructions of the task:

A-Access the following websites:

B-Write a model of a nutritional health history (blank) that contains the questions that a nurse should ask a patient to gather all the necessary information.

It must include the following basic parts:

1. Personal data

2-Health history

3-History of food intake (which consumes on a normal day in your three meals including snacks)

4-Physical activity

5-Patient education



C-Use the Theory of Imogene King

D-Access, read and comment, briefly and specifically, on the importance of the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) of the following research study: E-Rubric (refer to added document)

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