Nursing Essay Writing


PRECISELY, follow the directions listed below to complete Task 2. Place a check mark next to each number and bullet point to ensure that ALL information is included in your paper.

Based upon discussions in this course related CHOICES with the:

  • Cycle of Value
  • Cycle of Waste
  • Ladder of Listening
  • Observations vs. Evaluations
  • Needs and Emotions
  • Conversations Meter

In a WORD DOCUMENT, you will write a paper that refers to a personal conversation you have had that created DISTRUST for you.  This conversation could have taken place via email, text,  face to face or phone.

Please answer EACH question below:

  1. In this section, you will write about a conversation that created DISTRUST for you.
  2. HOW did this conversation take place (email, phone, etc.)?
  3. Describe WHAT happened and what was said during the conversation
    1. WHAT language/words were used that created distrust
    2. WHAT behavior either verbal/non-verbal was used to create distrust
    3. HOW did you feel after this conversation was over
  4. WHAT did YOU say during the conversation that was a point of agreement or disagreement
  5. Explain HOW the conversation ended. HOW did your actions add to the ending of that conversation
  6. WHAT communication strategy above would you choose to encourage value conversations in the future
  7. HOW did this conversation impact your relationship with this person?


  1. In this section, talk about how you will ensure future conversations are in the Cycle of Value rather than the Cycle of Waste.
  2. Thinking of your STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES what strategy will you use to improve your interactions with others?
  3. Keep in the mind the above concepts/tools learned in this course.
    HOW will you demonstrate leadership abilities by building value and trust both personally and professionally?

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