Read the Methods section of Jurgens, Hoke, Byrnes, and Riegel (2009) “Why do elders delay responding to heart failure symptoms?” (see attached). After reading that article, answer the questions below :
1. Was there an intervention in this study? Please use evidence from the article to support your answer.
2. Is the design for this study experimental, quasi-experimental or non-experimental? Explain your answer.
3. How does quantitative research differ from qualitative research? Explain your answer with examples.
There are also 2 PowerPoint are attached, could help with this assignment. Please use one of them as your source, besides the main article.

Uploaded materials

Qualitative_Sampling_Data_Collection.pptx Quantitative_Sampling_Data_Collection.pptx Why_do_elders_delay_responding_to_heart_failure_symptoms_1_.pdf

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