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Non-Western and Western Art Discussion

The following discussion is worth 80 points. Using the Heilbrunn Timeline, identify one non-Western work of art and one Western work of art that is similar. For example, if you find one non-Western bowl for your non-Western piece, chose something similar, like a bowl or dish for your Western choice. For each piece of art, write at least 1 paragraph that fully explains all of the items on the critical thinking checklist. Be sure to provide the link to the piece in your explanation and use complete sentences.

Critical Thinking Checklist – Art

This list will help you think through what you are viewing throughout our time together.

  1. What year was the work created?
    2. Who is the artist?
    3. Where is the art work from?
    4. What is the subject matter? And what type of visual art is it? (painting, sculpture, etc)
    5. What materials were used in creating the work? OR what technologies were used to create the work?
    6. What is the cultural or religious significance of the work? Do a little research, what can you find out about the artist, the time period, etc?
    7. What elements of art are present?
    8. What do I see?
    9. How can I use this to help determine if this is a western/non-Western work?


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