Network Security

  1. ‘Network security’ often used interchangeably with ‘cybersecurity’? Why? Do you agree? Why or why not – write 500 words.


  1. List and describe each of the layers of the TCP/IP Model. Also list each layer in the table below.
  2. List and describe each of the layers of the OSI Model.
  3. What is the difference between TCP/IP and OSI models?


For each of the terms below – describe it and write it at the correct place on the table(see examples below). User your book and/or web for resources.


  1. Ethernet Cable – The physical cable used in to connect to devices in wired networks. Layer 1.
  2. Optical fiber
  3. WIFI
  4. Radio waves
  5. Packet
  6. MAC
  7. ARP
  8. IP address
  9. IP spoofing
  10. ARP Cache poisoning
  11. Router
  12. UDP
  13. SYN flood
  14. Port scanning
  15. Port
  16. NMAP
  17. Ping
  18. Ping of Death
  19. Firewall – An application used to filter traffic in a network. Can span layers (layers 3, 4, 5).
  20. Session hijacking
  21. SSL
  22. TLS
  23. SSH
  24. HTTP
  25. HTTPS
  26. Digital key
  27. FTP
  28. IDS
  29. IPS
  30. Trojan horse
  31. Physical security
  32. Eavesdropping
  33. Switch
  34. Flooding attacks
  35. ARP spoofing
  36. WPA2
  37. VLAN
  38. Encryption
  39. IPv4
  40. IPv6
  41. IPSec
  42. VPN
  43. Access control list
  44. Segments
  45. DNS
  46. DNS Spoofing
  47. DoS
  48. ICMP
  49. Malware
  50. DDoS
  51. Zombie
  52. Botnet
  53. Onion routing



  1. Wireless networks function on many of the same principles discussed in class. Study go through the steps to ensure that your home or a friends wireless network is secure. Provide here a log of the steps you took and explain why you took them.


  1. Create a brief ‘tip sheet’to give to your friends and family on being secure on public WiFi networks (like on an airport). Along with tips, give a small explanation on the consequences of not taking security precautions on public networks.





TCP/IP ModelComponents/protocolsVulnerabilitiesAttacks
PhysicalEthernet cable  


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