Natural and Technological hazards

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Given the events of this week with Hurricane Harvey and devastating flooding it caused. our

assignment will focus on this issue. Please do the following for this Assignment Watch the following
video: (Links to an external site.)Links to an

external site. Also, read the following article: 5
flooding-growth-regulation.html (Links to an external site.)l.inks to an external site, Answer the 5
questions below: Using the materials above and the readings for this week, please discuss: What

made this storm dangerous and perhaps more dangerous than other hurricanes (consider the

power, duration, and weather pattern)? (200-300 words) What are some factors made Houston
vulnerable to flooding? (consider Houston ‘s geography, history. politics) (300-350 words) Responses
should be typed in a Word Document and should include the questions (i.e. type each question first,

and then the response to each below). Please use a 12 pt. font, double-space

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