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Movie “Boyhood”

What are the family dynamics in the movie and how do they influence the development of Mason and/or his sister, Samantha? “

Address the topic in a 4-5 page essay. Essays are to be typed, double-spaced, and in 12 point font. You are to use American psychological association (APA) format to cite sources in-text, including information from the textbooks. A reference page is required in APA format. You are to base your response on information from chapters 1 through 19 of the Experience Human Development (Papalia/Martorell) textbook, citing the author of the study and chapter as part of the in-text citation.

You also must use information from at least three of the above chapters in your essay. Information from at these two other scholarly sources must be used, but must be in addition to content from at least three of the above chapters.

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