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Mover of Men and Mountains

Mover of Men and Mountains- Essay Final

Mover of Men and Mountains by R.G. LeTourneau

Upon completion of reading the Mover of Men and Mountains book, you will prepare a 5 page essay reflecting on the contents discussed in the book. You will use the following reflective essay questions to guide you in preparing your essay.

Reflective Essay Questions

Who was R.G. LeTourneau?
What was R.G. LeTourneau famously known for?
What legacy did Mr. LeTourneau leave, and how has that legacy impacted the LeTourneau community?
Describe his Christian Faith and share his life scripture verse.

Describe his relationship with his family, employees, and businessmen.

Share and discuss your thoughts on two of his quotes from his biography, being sure to cite them correctly.
Share your thoughts on learning about the founder of LeTourneau University and how this impacts earning your degree at LeTourneau University

Utilize at least 3 of the articles from your annotated bibliography projects to address Mr. LeTourneau’s personal, intellectual, and/or spiritual development.


Use the skills learned from the annotated bibliography assignments to write critically, providing both summaries and critique of the content. This assignment should include a title page (according to the style utilized by your discipline), 5 complete pages of body content using the appropriate headers, and a reference page. (Note: you must utilize at least 3 of the articles from your annotated bibliographies as references.)

This final draft should reflect the consultation you had with the University Writing Center as outlined in Unit 4.

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