Mother Nature is formidable foe

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Whew it’s been hot! As a matter of fact, the last two years have been the hottest on record since society has been tracking the climate, and that’s for the entire world, not just the United States. It seems the upper south states, including Kentucky, are slipping into a more subtropical climate year-by-year. Is this a fluke? Temporary? Or a long term trend? What does it mean and what and who is affected? And the biggest question (as in all essays), why? It’s hot, and the ozone makes it unsafe to be out long.

There is a water shortage. Icebergs are melting and drifting away. There are more hurricanes and violent storms and tornados. El Nino is a regular occurrence as are tidal waves and earthquakes. Again, why? Can we do anything about it? Are we the cause or just the victims? And what could we do to change it if we tried? Mother Nature is formidable foe.

Set up your essay with the knowledge that this is in fact happening, as any reasonable or intelligent person can see. After all, we are not dinosaurs and humans have great brain power and assets to assist us. Use scenarios and examples with supporting data and facts in your paper arguments. But each argument should explain consequences and alternatives if left alone.

In the opinion or sell section present a solution as to what plans the human race should take (if they can?). In the conclusion paragraph forecast the future one way or the other and issue a call-to-action for the reader. Is the future grim or rosy?

The paper should be a minimum of 1250 words to a maximum of 2000 words, with 5 to 10 listed sources in MLA style and an equal number of in-text citations. Sources have to be 2014 or newer and the entire essay has to be in third (3rd) person

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