Module Assignment 6: Storyboard

For this assignment, you will create a text-based storyboard of your W/CBT Module assignment (Performance Gap: Reduction on the number of clients in 2018 as compared to 2017). OpenFlights: Airport and airline data. (2019). Retrieved from

The Storyboard assignment is an important part of your W/CBT Module term project as it takes all the data gathered in the ‘Analysis’ phase, with all the tools you have gained knowledge of in the ‘Design’ phase and challenges create W/CBT Module ‘Development’ (Performance Gap: Reduction on the number of clients in 2018 as compared to 2017). In essence, the storyboard is the key transitioning element to take you from the ‘Design’ phase to the ‘Development’ phase. You may use the storyboard template (with an example based on Module 2) or you may use the template found in the storyboarding exercise files.

Because the storyboard is your mapped-out plan of your W/CBT Module, great detail is expected in it with the following criteria to count for grading as follows:

The storyboard must be a text-based storyboard of your W/CBT Module and be delivered on PowerPoint®.

The storyboard must have all the minimum requirements of criteria listed for the final W/CBT Module Assignment in the Canvas Module in sequence as they will appear in the W/CBT Module.

Each segment of the storyboard must include theme or title and be accompanied by detailed notes or writing on what that segment is intended to achieve when transferred into the W/CBT.

Pictures, videos, audio and various forms of multimedia need to be described in detail. Samples can be included in the storyboard, but still need a written description and intent.

Original artistic work or background that are not pictures needs to be described. Samples are also welcomed.

Each segment presented needs to be realistically transferable to the final W/CBT Module. Therefore, in some cases it will be important to describe in detail the technology used and that it is compatible with Canvas.

Each segment needs to include the estimated time activities will take on the final W/CBT Module. The constraint is 20 minutes for the final W/CBT Module.


Last Updated on April 24, 2019