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Model process BPMN

Fred McFredrickson is the owner of Fred’s Auto Repair. Fred’s uses written service orders for all services. Nothing happens until there is a service order approved by the customer. The Sales staff works with the customer to figure out the customer’s needs, write the service order and when the work is done they present the invoice to the customer and collect payment.

When the sales staff completes a sales order they place it in a job packet, along with the ignition key. The packet is given to a service tech, and job packet stays with the car until the work is done. The service tech takes the key out of the packet, locates the customer’s car, and moves it to an open bay for work.

She prepares the car for work, and then the rest of the service department to completes the job. Once the job is completed, a service tech moves the car to the pick-up area and notifies sales that the job is complete. At this point, she returns the job packet to the sales person who wrote the service order. Sales then provides a bill to the customer and collects payment.

Model this process using BPMN. A cheat sheet to assist you is provided.

You may submit this either electronically or submit this as a physical document in class. You’re welcome to draw this by hand or to use any electronic modeling tools.


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