Migration to European Union

Migration to European Union

The paper is to present an in-depth analysis of the selected topic with reference to at least twenty sources.

The topic of the essay:

Migration to European Union: danger or opportunity?


Your essay should have around 3500 words.

Format & Evidence

The paper has to meet all formal standards as presented in ‘IR Essay Writing Standard’ andThesis Manual available on student resources (zasoby) under course1 and course 2. These include:

  • Requirements relating to a scholarly paper, such as providing evidence that supports your theses, statements and claims, as well as proper referencing. Bibliography should have a sufficient number of academic sources (at least 10 for papers of 1500 words and 20 for 2500 or more words)
  • Editing rules: title page; font, Times New Roman 12; margins, 2,5 cm; double space between verses; italics for book/periodical titles; single quotation marks, etc. The paper must be logically structured (introduction; the main body subdivided into paragraphs; conclusions) and meet the minimum language standards.
  • Plagiarism: be aware that anything copied without quotation marks and references is treated as plagiarism

Please, pay attention on Harvard reference style is required!

Migration to European Union

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