Methods and techniques used to effectively recruit quality applicants for the positions we need to fill

This week we will be looking closely at methods and techniques used to effectively recruit quality applicants for the positions we need to fill. Chapter Five of our text will provide you with much needed information that you will use in your case development.

First you will be developing a Strategic Vision for the company recruitment. Will this be an ongoing effort or a one time focus?  What are the considerations mentioned in Case One which we reviewed that might influence recruiting efforts?


One of the next considerations will be to determine which recruiting methods you will recommend to be used: open or targeted. The question suggests you examine the job of store associate and the organizational specific needs. Define which recruiting method is more open and which is more targeted and then decide which you think would be the best option for this position and why. If you recommend targeting, than what population are you targeting? Do not forget to address all of the question: review your answer and review the question to make sure you have address all that is being asked.


This case provides a specific focus on how information will be presented to candidates to attract them to Tanglewood.  There is concern among focus groups that the realistic message of how challenging retail can be compared to the inclusive culture at Tanglewood may not be accurately getting through to potential candidates.  There is also the attractiveness of the nature of Tanglewood – being an outdoors environmental oriented company with products to match.

What factors do you think you might include in your messages?  I strongly encourage you to be creative as you develop your recruiting messages. You will draft three actual messages that can be used in ads reflecting each of the three types of recruiting methods discussed in your text. Adapt your message for the Customer Service Associate position. Don’t forget to review again the entire question given in the case and compare it with your answer. If you have missed any part of it, be sure to add the missing information you were asked to provide.


The case provides data tables for the various methods currently being employed at Tanglewood regions. These tables denote the costs and the results or outcomes of these methods by region. The key here is not so much the data analysis as your interpretation of this data – in other words what does it all mean? What do we do with the information once we figure out what it all means?

You are asked to provide a one page summary of the comparisons. For example, which method is least expensive per hire, who maintains the best retention of new employees, what about referrals and staffing agency in terms of cost etc.? A follow up question is given regarding how effective increasing external hiring would be if it were enforced at all regions. What implications might prevail if that were required?


Part of this case will speak of the need for metrics – this means measurements.  The question will refer to employee performance as that relates to the recruiting methods used. Recall the focus group concern we spoke of earlier – regarding the cultural attractiveness to the company compared to the hard work of retail work… Relate your metric to this concern so that the focus group gets a clear understanding of how your measurement suggestion helps address their concern.


I find that often students get carried away with the magnitude of the case and forget to focus on the questions themselves. That can lead to veering off course and taking an entirely different direction than the case question. So read it careful. Once you fully understand the question then proceed to address it. Writing volumes of information does not suffice for a correct answer. It can be a brief answer but well thought out and reflective of a clear understanding of the method being addressed and the student thus score very well. If your answer does not reflect that the question was fully understood to begin with it indicates that sufficient review of the material in the text and the case is lacking.

These are not overly complicated cases, but simply the practical application of the material given in the text and applied in the case. It does require significant thought and effort, but preparing early in the week by reading and understanding the material. Then addressing the case questions armed with this information. Starting early in the week on your case and not putting the added pressure of running out of time will contribute to a successful and pleasant learning experience.

This case is worth 30 points of the total of 200 points available in your casework development.


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