Write a 300 word essay on Mentorship. 2 peer review articles less than 5 years. There are 4 questions that are to the answered in this discussion essay. The first question is to identify an indivdual by position not by name who has assisted me in accomplishing my professional goals as a registered nurse. That individual would be a charge nurse on the Critical Care Unit at Southern Regional Medical Center.

I was mentored and precepted by her at the same time. 2. How was she chosen to be your mentor? She was chosen by my unit manager. Please note that questions 2-4 must be supported by evidence from scholarly literature. 3. What qualities does this individual possess that makes them an effective mentor? She has been a nurse for over 30 years. She started her nursing career as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 5 years. I myself was an certified nursing assistant before I became a nurse. She has good leadership skills, excellant clinical skills and a caring spirit when providing care to patients.4. Are there qualities that detract from their ability to effectively mentor. As I learned from her, I did not observe a lack in her ability to effectively mentor. She made sure I recieved the best training and would always encourage me to pursuing my goals. To the writer please include this information in the essay with supportive scholarly literature. Single spaced with double space between each paragrah.

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