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Mental Retardation (MR)

Social Work and Human Services

It is important to understand that the cause of all mental retardation (MR) – Intellectual Disability is NOT genetic in nature. While some MR is because of genetics such as Tay-Sachs, Down’s, Fragile X, etc. there are others that are caused by environmental factors such as alcohol, lead, trauma, neglect, abuse, etc.

Individuals who are on the Autistic Spectrum do not necessarily have MR — it is altogether a different diagnosis. In fact, there are those who are on the spectrum who have high IQ’s.

There is a wide variety within the ASD category since the DSM 5 changed the criteria for those on the spectrum. There are some great resources online that will help you to differentiate between the two diagnoses. Hope this helps. Dr. G.

Please, view the attachment and discuss what you have learned from it with your answer for this week.

One needs to view videos in order to receive a grade. Please, do NOT post videos. Also, do not copy directly from the source without putting it in direct quotes. Limit direct quotes to one or two short sentences within the answer.

This week’s discussion involves mental retardation, which is described as a disability. You are to view the following video:

and then comment on your first impression of what mental retardation or intellectual disability means to you. Please, support your statements with proper citations. Give examples.

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