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Memory and Forgetting

In a Word document, answer the following six questions. Your answers should be detailed and thorough. Each answer should be at least one full paragraph in length.

Part 1: Memory Techniques

Read Discovery Health’s How to Improve Your Memory While Studying.( ) Then, visit Michigan State University’s Study Tips for Improving Long-Term Memory Retention and Recall.

Read through both sites, as well as Table 8.2 in your textbook, then answer the following:

Choose two of the memory techniques that you think would work best for you, and explain why you chose them. Describe how you can use these techniques to study for an exam.

Explain the encoding, storage, and retrieval processes and how these processes operate while studying for and taking an exam.

After reading about the Effects of Massed Versus Distributed Practice on Learning (Figure 8.11 in your textbook), describe two ways that you could improve your study habits.

Part 2: Short Term Memory and Forgetting

Next, let’s test your short term memory! First, test your ability to remember a series of letters with this Short Term Memory Test. Once you have completed that, then test your ability to remember a series of pictures with this Short Term Memory Picture Game.
After you have completed both activities, then answer the following:

Describe your results. Was it easier to remember the letters or the pictures? Why?
Discuss the process of forgetting (think about the Ebbighaus Forgetting Curve, discussed in your textbook). Answer the following questions in your response:

Why did you forget some of the letters and pictures in these activities?
Why do you forget some of the information that you studied while you are taking an exam?
Why do you forget some of the information that you learned in your class after the class is over?
How would you be able to move these items from your short term memory into your long term memory? What would need to happen?

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