Medical Sociology

The instructions for this assignment.

This essay has to be based on these two journal articles with 2 additional outside sources preferably from peer review journals. This essay’s premise is the Healthcare bill and what from these articles could have been added to the healthcare bill to make it better. Please base this paper on the premise that government programs that emphasize early intervention through prevention especially throughout one’s school years should be emphasized and giving equal opportunity for higher education especially among the poor or socially disadvantaged in the US would also bring about better health choices since there seems to be a correlation between education, health and longevity. Then discuss the financial reasons to implement early preventative education and accessible higher education in general to back up these ideas. This paper needs to use the ideas mostly from the 2 links provided with 2 extra sources and be mostly paraphrased rather than excessive quotes. Some quotes are fine if they are short. EVERYTHING has to be cited.


1. Please describe why it would have been a good idea to bring what you feel is the most important, ground-breaking idea in these two articles into the new health care bill.

2. What kind of financial considerations exist to hinder or help the ideas?

Part of your grade will be based on how well you have digested the points in the papers and how you understand the financial implications of what is being proposed in them.

Submit 3-5 pages in the usual format. Please be sure to use additional sources to support your ideas. This is a 3 to 5 page paper excluding the References section and therefore will require research outside of the two articles you read last week.


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