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Mary and Don case study

Congregate Care – Mary and Don case study


Long-term care decisions are often complex and highly emotional.  They can present a radical departure from how life was intended.  In this assignment, you will address a hypothetical, but very real, scenario that involves Mary and Don, an elderly married couple.

Circumstances to be considered include extent of disability, living situation, financial state, service preferences, and specific questions presented to you in terms of their concerns and issues.  This assignment may require you to make some assumptions about their situation in order to completely respond to the scenario.

Apply long-term care concepts, programs, and services to a real-life situation for millions of Americans – providing practical and evidence-based advice to individuals regarding their options for addressing their long-term care needs.

Your paper should be 5-7 pages in length, excluding cover page, abstract, and references, in APA format.


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