Marriage Market

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Group Project #3

  1. Topics

Topic 5: Marriage Market

Topic 6: Marriage Tax/Bonus and Economics of Divorce

Groups 7~9 will present in class in addition to submitting the reports. Group 7 is designated Topic 5, Group 8 is designated Topic 6. Group 9 has the freedom to choose either one topic. Please use slides for the presentation.

All other groups can choose either one of the two topics and submit a report on May 1. Everyone should be prepared to discuss and share their applications and findings in class.

  1. Suggestions

Below are suggestions of what you can think about. You are by no means constrained by the suggestions provided here. Be creative and surprise me!

Topic 5: Marriage Market

  • Applications
  • Discuss different countries’ social norms about what are expected from women within a marriage, and how that have changed over time, and what the causes are.
  • Find countries that have a very imbalanced sex ratio, and find out the reason for it. Analyze how such a sex ratio imbalance could affect the well-being of women within marriage.
  • Find any news articles describing the change in the marriage market over time, and use the supply and demand framework to analyze it.
  • Personal experience of how women are treated within marriage or the dating scene, and analyze using the marriage market theory.
  • Extended Knowledge
  • You can either start by coming up with a new question and then search for a paper that answers the question, or you can search in the key words related to this topic, such as “marriage market” and find a relevant article you finding interesting and would like to share.
  • Find an economics article that discusses marriage market or marriage behavior.

Topic 6: Marriage Tax/Bonus and Economics of Divorce

  • Applications
  • Find new articles that discuss marriage tax and bonus.
  • Personal experience of marriage tax/bonus affecting the marriage decision.
  • Find journal articles comparing the change in divorce rate over time across countries.
  • Extended Knowledge
  • Find a recent research that explains the change in divorce rate.
  • Find a research that analyzes the effect of marriage tax/bonus.

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