Managed Care 2

  • Describe the 5 critical legal developments that have dramatically altered the healthcare industry according to Clark C. Havighurst, and explain how they still impact the industry today.








2-                 How does the focus on Accountable Care Organizations significantly change the focus when compared with the HMO Act of 1973?  What have we learned as a nation with this change?




  • With the March 2010 adoption of the Affordable Care Act, the US re-emphasized consumer education:  participationin their own care, awareness of their coverage benefits/exclusions and focus on individual responsibility.  In your opinion, how should Managed Care entities encourage/support these efforts for their members?





  • Describe the position of underwriter for a managed care organization.  What important role does this position play and how could it make or break the organization?




  • Managed Care organizations have a responsibility of reducing the overall cost of care while preserving positive outcomes for the members of the plan.  What are some of the ways it accomplishes this?

Last Updated on May 3, 2019

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