Tourism Bibliography

Tourism Bibliography

You will create a tourism bibliography for this course. You will develop a research question that is related to critical tourism and provide a ten-citation bibliography formatted using your choice of citation style (Chicago, MLA, APA). This research project is generated from your research question and supporting ideas assignment. You are allowed to use a variety of credible sources for the bibliography; however, you should limit web sites to 2-3 of the entries.

Rubric for the Tourism Bibliography:

10 citations of credible sources 25 points

Good variety of sources used (e.g. not all web sites—finding an article through the electronic databases on the K-State Libraries web site DOES NOT mean the article counts as a ‘web site’) 25 points

Inventive title that gives the bibliography purpose 10 points

Use of most current research available on your topic 10 points

Correct use of a standard citation style 30 points

there is an example bibliography gonna be uploaded in a little bit.

We will have a final, comprehensive exam. The exam will be an essay question that incorporates the information in your Tourism Bibliography as well as the information in your textbook and research assignments. This is an open book, open note exam. Submit the exam as a Word document to the course drop box.

Rubric for the Final Exam:

At least 1500 words: 30 points

Thesis statement that connects bibliography topic with course theme: 20 points

2 sources cited at the end of the essay in a standard citation format: 30 points

Clarity and insightfulness: 20 points

Final Exam

August Intersession 2017

Geography 300

For your final exam, pick one theme that has caught your interest during the course of our readings and connect it to the research you did in your tourism bibliography. For instance, if I had been a student in the class I would have done my bibliography over Frida Kahlo tourism in Mexico. Thus, for my final exam, I would take the theme of “ethnicity and tourism” and connect it to my topic of “Frida Kahlo and Mexico” in an essay. I want you to make this connection explicit in your writing.

Thus, an example thesis might be something like, “Tourists who visit the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City are often interested in exploring Kahlo’s unique ethnic heritage.” Your exam must be 1500 words long and must cite at least two sources (these sources can be ones you’ve already used in previous assignments). Please place the citations for these sources at the end of your essay.

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