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The macro project is intended to provide you with a generalist field experience ininitiating change at a larger systems level. Ideally it will take place in the agency or community beyond the level of working with individuals or small groups. If so, talk with the instructor about your request. The student and instructor will need to mutually agree on the content of the macro project. Project will be something that complements the skills you are using in your studies, is helpful to the agency community, and is a learning experience for you. Make your selection from the pre-qualified list. Submit both pages to your instructor for approval. Include Supervisor signature.


The outline of the macro project must be submitted no later than the 4thclass period. The instructor will review your project. You will be notified via course email of approval. The student should not begin her/his macro project until it has been approved by the instructor.


Examples of projects in the past have included planning and giving workshops, developing a short video, doing some community organizing, political action, policy work, grant writing, developing directories, resource manuals, research, etc. After the macro project has been completed a minimum 4-page paper &a 6-8 slide power point presentation must be submitted to fulfill the projectrequirement at the end of the term.


  1. Resource Development
  2. a) Developing a resource manual for new students
  3. b) Developing a resource manual for agency clients


  1. Data Collection/Research
  2. a) Developing client satisfaction surveys
  3. b) Developing a socio-cultural assessment of the organization
  4. c) Developing a client needs assessment instrument


  1. Program/Group Development
  2. a) Developing a parents advisory committee in a day care center
  3. b) Developing the curriculum for a peer support group in a school setting


  1. Alliances and Coalitions
  2. a) Outreach and coalition development with other agencies
  3. b) Developing a monthly luncheon of area providers


  1. Community Based Initiatives
  2. a) Identifying & developing outreach relationships with community organizations
  3. b) Identifying already existing neighborhood initiatives


  1. Social Action/ Lobbying/Advocacy
  2. a) Contacting county and state legislators to secure the legislative process)
  3. b) Develop a voter registration drive
  4. c) Organize demonstrations to protest budget cuts)



Macro Project Assignment Request   (Typed)

Complete the following questions regarding your proposed macro project assignment.


  1. Describe the goal of your project. What do you intend to accomplish? Why is this significant to your setting?






  1. What steps will you proceed through in an attempt to reach your goal?






  1. Describe the anticipated outcome of your project.





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