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Conceptualizing a New Human Service Program

Skill-Development Activity Lecture 1: Conceptualizing a New Human Service Program

Part 1
What is strategic planning?

Most of us know that planning as a way of looking toward the future and deciding what the organization will do in the future. Strategic planning is a disciplined effort to produce decisions and actions that guide and shape what the organization is, what it does, and why it does it (Bryson, 1995). Both strategic planning in long range planning cover several years. Strategic planning requires the organization to examine what it is and the environment in which it is working. Strategic planning also heads the organization to focus its attention on the crucial issues and challenges. It, therefore, helps the organization’s leaders decide what to do about those issues and challenges. In short, as a result of a strategic planning process, and organization will have a clearer idea of what it is, what it does, and what challenges it faces. If it follows the plan, it will also enjoy enhanced performance and responsiveness to its environment (Lyddon, 1999, pg. 1).

In this assignment you will begin the Strategic Planning process by identifying a nonprofit human service program, or by creating your own hypothetical nonprofit human service program that addresses a particular social problem. Choose a social problem and subsequent program about which you feel a sense of passion. List some of the main issues that face the organization or program. Know some of the concerns you list will help with the implementing your future plan.

The program should be interesting and should meet a social need you believe is important. The idea is for you to be able to ultimately develop an implementation plan (Activity 5).

Throughout the semester you will work on some aspect of the overall Strategic Plan project, so it will be very important that you turn each assignment in for evaluation and consistent feedback. You will be coming back to your program periodically so that you can apply what you have learned. By the end of the course you should have a completed strategic plan. Your strategic plan will be submitted in parts as individualized assignments ranging from 2.1-2.5. One component of the strategic plan will be submitted weekly. Check the course timeline for strategic plan assignment due dates.

This is a two part assignment

Part 2
assignment, you will identify a social problem having a negative impact on a population or group. As you identify the social problem(s), think about what the needs are of the population or group identified. Be specific about the social problem they face or dealing with overtime. For instance, let’s say you have an interest in fostercare youth leaving the foster care system at the ripe age of 18 years. The research tells us (Miller & Dillard, 2001), that many fostercare youth leave the fostercare system without developing the necessary life skills to live independently, or perhaps the fostercare youth does not have a permanent home to return after fostercare, or the foster youth does not possess workplace skills to obtain employment. These are example of social problems. As you develop your paper, ask yourself? What are the needs of _______________and how does these needs influence__________________________well-being?

Your document must include the following components:

Open a word document and save the document according to the required filename (ex.LumarS_Skill Development activity)
Identify the social problem(s) (discuss why the social problem is a problem you have identified)
List the targeted population the social problem effects (ex. Fostercare youth leaving the fostercare sysem)
Develop a 2-page description of the targeted population needs supported by at least three (3) reference sources dated within the last five (5) years
Provide a discussion stating how the needs you have identified can be addressed by a human services program.
Include a correctly formatted reference list using 6th edition APA format.
Be sure to double-space the document, use 12 inch font, Times New Roman or Arial font style, 1-inch margins and include in-text citations to support your content. Go to the next link below to submit your completed assignment by the due date. Keep in mind, Turnitin software is used to evaluate the originality of your work.

Please label the papers as part1 and part 2..please place each part on separate papers.So in actuality it should be 2 papers with all the information that is requested.

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