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Ma Vie en Rose(1997) Review Essay

View Ma Vie en Rose(1997), and write a 3 page,12 font, double spaced review essay, drawing on the theories of power explored in weeks 1-2.


Theories of power that are explored in weeks 1-2(not necessary to be read them all,  could google them for a brief understanding, just for some referrence and be mentioned somewhere in the essay)

  1. Stanley Milgram, “The Perils of Obedience”
  2.  Michel Foucault, “Panopticism”
  3.  Plato’s cave
  4.  John Stuart Mill,On Liberty
  5. John Stuart Mill, On the Subjection of Women
  6.  Frederick Douglass, “The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro”


In your essay, be specific and give examples / scenes from the film that effectively illustrate the conceptsyou discuss in the essay.Your essays canalso include some personal reflectionon the larger meaning of the film, in the context of current events.


Ma Vie en Rose (1997)


How does Ma Vie en Roseexplore ideas of authority in Milgram, discipline in Foucault, opinionand norms in Mill and Douglass?

You don’t have to explore all of these, but perhaps one, or some of them!  For example, you could write a paper on how the community response to Ludovig in Ma Vie en Roseillustrateswhat Mill called the “tyranny of opinion”.Or, perhaps: how did Ludovig’s community, or school, or family, or peers, employ “panoptic-like”responses, in Foucault’s sense, to Ludovic’s idiosyncracies?  Do you think Ma Vie en Roseis a dated depiction of the social response to Ludovic’s gender identity,or do you think it is still relevant today?  How so?

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