M2 Discussion

M2 Discussion

Photomontage – Self Portrait As Mona Lisa,1954, Salvador Dali (Photographic Elements by Philippe Halsman.) As seen on ARTstor


Now that you have read the material throughout this module and completed the assigned reading and video tutorials, please discuss each of the following discussion questions:


  • New art forms and techniques reflect the times in which they were invented. Why do you think photomontage made its appearance as an art form in the early 20th century?
  • Now that you understand the difference between vector graphics and bitmap files, what will you do to achieve high quality bitmap images in all of your creative projects?
  • After reading: The Role of Sketching in the Design Process,describe how you will benefit from developing preliminary work for each of your creative projects.


Guidelines and Expectations

Your Discussion:


  • Minimum 200 words
  • Clear, logical and on-topic remarks
  • Thoughtful views with new personal insights
  • References from reading or Internet resources to support your comments, including images and other visual resources as necessary.


* Remember: there is room for all opinions.

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