Luxury Toy Store work breakdown structure

Luxury Toy Store Instructions

work breakdown structure

Instructions: For this week, you will create a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project you selected  Luxury Toy Store.

  • Your WBS should have a minimum of 100–150 line items in MS Project and be three levels deep.
  • Make sure to use verb-object task names (for example, “Develop software”).
  • Enter tasks in MS Project.
  • Create the predecessor relationships.

Blast From The Past

1.0 Storefront

1.1 Purchase Location

1.2 Design and Remodel Layout

2.0 Equipment

2.1 Purchase Toy Making Equipment

2.2 Purchase Merchandise From Original Manufacture

3.0 Employees

3.1 Hire Personnel

3.1.1 Selected interviewees

3.1.2 Interview questionnaire

3.1.3 Interview schedule

3.1.4 Completed interviews

3.1.5 Report of interview findings

3.2 Training Personnel

3.2.1 Training program needs statement

3.2.2 Training program design

3.2.3 Participant notebooks

3.2.4 Trained instructor

3.2.5 Program testing

3.2.6 Training program presentation

Last Updated on March 20, 2020