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Literature homework help

Both Emerson and Thoreau are frequently quoted (and misquoted) on inspirational posters, coffee cups, and calendars. Identify one sentence (or two) from our assigned readings of Emerson AND one from Thoreau that you think are particularly insightful, sage, thoughtful, real, true– or maybe valuable to you in some way. Quote those two sentences and explain their significance.

Then, respond thoughtfully to at least one post from a classmate. A ‘thoughtful’ response will a) reinforce the evidence by pointing out other examples of the same theme and/or b) extend the logic by thinking about the idea: quibbling with the interpretation, considering the implications of the claim, identifying seeming internal contradictions, identifying fundamental assumptions, refining distinctions, etcetera. Avoid simply agreeing or amplifying another’s claim. Thoughtful posts must be original, and may not repeat posts made by others.

– Read the following chapters from Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden” in the Norton: “Where I lived, and What I Lived For,” (pages 1013 – 1023); “Spring” and “Conclusion” (pages 1126 – 1145).

 Read Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The American Scholar,” (pages 211 – 224) and “Nature” (pages 182 – 211).


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