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Literary analysis of the novel The House of Mirth

This research paper is a literary analysis of the novel The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton. This is NOT a personal opinion or reaction paper or book report. This is an analysis of the novel based on detailed reading and research in support of your thesis.
A thesis could be begin with research/reading scholarly articles and essays about novel and synthesizing your research into concise thesis that will focus and organize your paper.
A Thesis could begin:
What is the author telling me about life or human nature, and how is she using imagery, symbolism, character, plot, setting to tell it?
A Thesis may also begin from the inside out: Where does my research lead me in search of significant ideas, themes, lessons about the novel?
ORGANIZE your research paper on the following sections in mind. Not everything here may be applicable to your novel; focus on those elements that allow you to write with depth and insight, based on what your research revels:
* Introduction; brief remarks about the novel; detailed and specific thesis sentence that organize what you write and focus your ideas (REQUIRED)
* Brief overview of the writer’s life, highlighting historical context, historical or personal events that influenced the writer.
* Specific inspiration for the novel.
* Brief discussion of the writing style in this novel, with brief examples.
* Analysis of an important aspect of the work, such as setting: development of major characters, use of irony; symbolism; imagery; innovative use of language.
*Discussion of the critical and popular reaction to the novel when it was published.
*Discussion of the author’s social commentary or political point of view as represented by this novel; the author as cultural historian and critic.
*Conclusion describing the literary significance of this novel.
Each of your Works Cited must of course be cited or quoted in the text of your paper. Before reading your paper I will review in detail your Works Sited page, and then your paper, to ensure that each source has been quoted or sited a number of times. Papers with insignificant in-text citation do not meet course requirements.
*In addition to the novel itself, at least five (5) scholarly secondary sources must be cited.
* Length 5-10 pages of text (exclusive of Work Cited) A title page is NOT required.
SOURCES should include books, articles from peer-reviewed journals (Including those accessible via electronic databases), newspaper articles and reviews, published or broadcast interviews with the author.

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