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Literally Analysis

A research paper is a formal paper that requires reading, selecting, evaluating, and organizing material for written presentation. Because of the type of paper it is, the writer must observe certain guidelines. Some basic requirements for this research paper assignment are given below. Your paper will contain the following: MLA FORMAT


  1. After you select your Author (Richard Wright)in short answer form, complete the following: (Do not write an essay paragraph. Do not copy the questions.)

1). Why did you choose the work(s) that you selected. What interested you?
2). How are you going to introduce your subject matter, and why are you going to

introduce the material in the manner you have chosen? (organization)
3). What is the exact thesis you intend to state in your paper? (Underline the thesis on

your proposal only.) Why did you choose this thesis?
4). List the points (at least 3) you will use to support your thesis. 5). Why did you choose the 3 points you have listed?

  1. Type your proposal in MLA format.
    3. Your proposal needs to be a minimum of 100-150 words. Include a word count at the end. 4. For your proposal (not in the research paper), you may use either first or third person.

On a separate paper, in short answer form complete the following: Questions 1, 2, and 3 (Do not write an essay paragraph. Do not copy the questions.)


  1. How successful do feel your overall efforts were in writing this assignment? 2. What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of your paper?
  2. What is your overall level of satisfaction with this assignment?
    4. Write your reflections in MLA format.
  3. Your reflections need to be a minimum of 100-150 words. Include a word count at the end. 6. You may use first or third person for this assignment but not in the research paper.

Research paper (3-4) pages) Note: The research part of the paper must be 3 to 4 PAGES

pages. The Proposal, Reflections, and Works Cited do NOT count as research paper pages. Each page of the research paper must go the bottom line of the page to count as a full page. Partial pages do NOT count for full pages.

Works Cited (does NOT count as a research paper page but must be included)

Topic: This is a literary analysis paper of a work or works by your chosen author. It is NOT a biography. You must analyze a work or works of literature written by the author (Richard Wright) Length: (3 to 4) typed text pages. To count as a full page, the type must go the the bottom margin.

Note: The Works Cited page does not count as a text page, but it does count as a necessary part

of your paper.
Sources: –minimum of five (5) separate quoted or paraphrased sources NOTE: You must

quote or paraphrase from five (5) different sources. You must have five (5) in- text citations from five (5) different sources. Using one (1) source five (5) times counts as one (1) source. ).

–minimum of two (2) types of sources
–no encyclopedias, Brainy Quotes, Spark Notes or such like, class notes, textbooks, or .com (If in doubt about a source, ask the instructor for approval.)

–Use of more than five sources is acceptable. All sources must be published. –Use Textshare.


  1. Your paper must include a Works Cited page (see MLA
    2. Your paper must contain appropriate parenthetical (in-text) citations that coordinate with the Works Cited page.

Point of View: third person only for research paper
Note: Do not use any form of first or second person unless in a direct quote from the source. Example: NO I, me, my, we, us, our, you, your
Purpose: to inform, explain, or persuade


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