Legal concepts of property ownership

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Utilizing the information to this point in the course, as well as significant outside scholarly material, write a paper from a biblical worldview perspective that discusses the legal concepts of property ownership and how God’s mandate of mankind’s dominion over the earth informs it.

Compose the research paper in accordance with APA standards and cite a minimum of five (5) scholarly peer reviewed sources (in addition to your textbook and the Bible) as references, as well as multiple biblical references (word count range 1200-1400 words).

What is covered in the reading –

  1. Liuzzo, A. L., & Hughes, R. C. (2019). Essentials of Business Law (10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education.
    1. Chapter 1, Our System of Law;
    2. Chapter 5, Constitutional Law;
    3. Chapter 6, Administrative Law;
    4. Chapter 36, International Business Law; and
  2. Exodus 18:13-26 (Court Structure); Romans 13:1-2, 4-5 (Ordained Authority).
  3. Liuzzo, A. L., & Hughes, R. C. (2019). Essentials of Business Law (10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Education:
    1. Chapter 16, Transfer of Title;
    2. Chapter 24, Real and Personal Property;
    3. Chapter 25, Bailments;
    4. Chapter 26, Landlord-Tenant Relations;
    5. Chapter 27, Wills, Intestacy, and Trusts; and
  4. Gen. 1:26-30; Psalm 24:1, 115:15-16 (Creation Mandate and Dominion).


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