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Legal Aspects of Healthcare

Assignment for Meeting #1 6500 Legal Aspects of Healthcare

NOTE:  Unless indicated otherwise, all written assignment are to be in 12 point Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced of a minimum of three (3) pages; and the cases, questionnaire, articles, and links to videos are located in the weekly module for this assignment on D2L (unless noted otherwise).


  1. Complete the Student Questionnaire and upload it to the Dropbox for Student Questionnaire.


  1. Read
    1. Chapter 1 (pages 1 -61) PLUS choose one of the ethical dilemmas that interests you in Chapter 2 from our textbook, Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals by George D. Pozgar (4th Edition).
    2. The case Sanfiel v. Department of Health


  1. Watch the original video: Watch “Mutual Assent” by Sandra Benson.  Consider how Dr. Benson addressed each of the seven questions in her 7 step analysis to the Lucy v. Zehmer case.  (You will do the same 7 seven analysis for the Sanfiel case – see below).


  1. Complete Written Assignment #1: Reflect on the following questions. Then write a memo answering the following questions and upload your memo to the Dropbox on D2L by the due date/time:



Sanfiel v. Department of Health Ethical Dilemmas:


  1. What principle(s)(described in pages 13 – 28) did each of the following demonstrate. Provide facts to explain why you picked the principles you selected:

(1) Sanfiel

(2) The State Board of Nursing


  1. What virtues and values (pages 28-49) do you think eachof the following held? Provide facts to explain why you picked those virtues and values.

(1) Sanfiel

(2) The State Board of Nursing

(3)  Charter

(4) The news media.




  1. Assume you are Sanfiel and you just discovered the computer.  Assume you do not know the outcome that we now know from this case.  Answer the questions below:


(1) As Sanfiel, identify an ethical issue you are facing.


(2) Identify the relevant facts.


(3) Develop alternative actions to solve the ethics issue.


(4) Evaluate the alternatives. For each alternative, ask these questions:


Compliance – Do company policies, codes of ethics, societal norms and/or the law provide guidance for the issue?


Personal Integrity – Am I being honest, fair, and truthful if I select this alternative? Does this alternative respect others and show professionalism? Does this alternative help to build trust? How would this look to the public?


Individual Rights – Does this alternative adequately protect the rights of others?


Promote More Good than Harm – Who is affected by the alternative? Does the alternative do more harm to those impacted than it does good? How might this alternative impact the larger community?


Empathy – Does this alternative allow me to treat others the way I would like to be treated?


(5) Identify a decision and explain how your consideration of the factors listed in #4 supports that decision.


(6) Reflect on the ethics decision outcome.


  • What insights have you gained from using this ethics decision-making process?


Legal Issues:


  1. Write out the seven questions listed in the video and write out your answers based on the Sanfiel v. Department of Health


  1. Be prepared to take a position for the side that you favor in each case from an ethical standpoint and from a legal standpoint. Is there a difference in your legal opinion and your ethical opinion?

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