Leadership and Relationships

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Week 4 Directions

  1. Review the following link of Unit 3


2.Review the following link- Collaboration for Community Development

Some of the most significant social and economic changes have been made through collaboration between individuals and organizations. Most community change cannot be envisioned, planned or carried out by one entity alone – partnership is necessary. These resources will give you a sense of the basic conditions that allow collaboration and teamwork; the potential roles of community members and partners; how to organize and account for them; and, what funders look for when determining what collaboratives to advance. Your MPA Director, Dr. Jason Bourke, has a discussion about the complexities of collaboration and community development with Raheemah Jabbar-Bey, longtime Wilmington activist, advocate, and former University of Delaware Professor.



  1. Leadership Journal Entry 4: Leadership and Relationships– (Word Document) 1 Page

n this unit, you have been introduced to the concepts of Collective Impact, Team Roles and Team Leadership. Use these concepts to assess and analyze the structure, goals, measures, and outcomes of an existing partnership. You may research a partnership that is known to you or of interest to you. What processes for partnership and collaboration result in the best outcomes? What questions are raised through your research? 400 words *Be sure to review the journal rubric *

  1. Discussion –(Word Document) 1 page

View the video below from the Chesapeake Foodshed Network Development Series.


What are the network’s goals? Who are some of the partners? What are some of the ways that the network collaborates or works as a team? Who are the followers in this context, and how would you characterize them? How effective is this type of forum for communicating these key ideas?

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