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Law Case Briefs of 4 Cases

Case briefs can be long or short, depending on the depth of analysis required and the complexity of the case. A comprehensive case brief must include ALL of the following elements: 1. Case Title & Citation 2. Relevant Case Facts 3. Procedural History 4. Issue(s) 5. Holding (decision) 6. Reasoning (analysis) includes rule(s) of law 7. Dissent(s)/Concurrence(s) … if any. For example, all relevant facts must be included in the Relevant Case Facts section, not just a few random facts. If a case has more than one issue you MUST address every issue. Example: 3 issue must have three holdings and three reasonings.

Cases are –
Horton v Goose Creek Independent School District, 693 F.2d 524, 1982

Tinker v Des Moines Independent Community School District, 393 U.S. 503, 1969

Magabgab v Orleans Parish School Board, 239 So.2d 456, 1970

Scheelhasse v Woodbury Central School District, 488 F.2d 237, 1981

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