Civil Liability

Case Brief

Type of Case:


What is the type of case that is being discussed?  This is not the legal question that is being asked but it should be a statement regarding the nature of the case.  Ex:   This case deals with the issue of failure to train officers …

Facts of Case: (2-3 Paragraphs) 

This is a summary of the facts as they were discussed in the case.  What did the court discuss that was most important?  Without reading the entire case this should give the reader adequate information to identify the facts and history surrounding what has brought the case to this point.

Legal Issue:

What is the legal issue that the case has been asked to address?  What are the issues or questions before the court? Should be detailed and specific.

Holding and Decision:

This is what the court decided.  What was the vote and what was the decision made by the court? Identify and explain the standard relied on or established


This is the new law or rule that was set in place by the decision of the court.  Discuss the case significance and its impact on the field

Last Updated on June 17, 2021

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