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Journey into self-awareness

Consider what you learned about the significance of self-awareness in your intrapersonal and interpersonal communication. Reflect on course concepts you learned about in your textbook, and then offer a personal connection by identifying your core strengths and discussing how they might guide you to a career path.
NOTE: Remember that your discussion response must include the following:
1. A reflection on the concept we are discussing. Give us a summary of things you learned about this concept from your assigned chapter readings.
2. A thorough example/discussion to support your reflection.
3. A final statement that tells us what you take away from this week’s lesson.
4. Properly formatted in-text citations and references.
5. Strong grammar, spelling, and mechanics.
6. In total your discussion should be at least 250 words.
When responding to your peers, be sure to connect on both personal and theoretical level by reacting to what was said, supporting your reactions with scholarly sources (e.g., your textbook), and identifying potential additional concepts or communication strategies to consider. End your responses with open-ended questions to extend conversations.

Last Updated on January 19, 2018

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