Jesus Tradition

Week 3 Jesus Tradition

What safeguarded the “Jesus tradition” from alteration during those formative years between Jesus’s death and the writing of the Gospels?

Week 5 I Am

What is the major purpose of John’s “I am” statements? In what two forms do these statements appear in John? Finally, what is the practical import of John’s “I am” statements for the church today?

Week 7 Paul’s Gospel

What was the focus of Paul’s gospel? What are the practical implications of the gospel according to Paul?

Week 10 Leadership Qualities

Offer your top 3 leadership qualities from the Pastoral Epistles, those of both elders and deacons. Explain why these 3 are the most important to you.

Week 11 Hebrews

What is the major source of theology for the author of Hebrews, and how is it interpreted?

Last Updated on August 30, 2021

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