IT Project Management

IT Project Management



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Based on your project scenario which has been suggested by you or by your instructor and approved by your instructor, answer the following

Project Title :

SCMS (supply chain management)


Scenario Overview :

This project is to create and deliver a computerized system TO xyz university to help them manage maintain  and track the supply process for the warehouse and the distribution process from the warehouse to other facilities and department of the xyz university …etc

Learning Outcome(s):

LO 2: Recognize the key issues during the IT project management procedures and describe the best practices in IT project management processes








3 Marks

Question One

Using any project management tool, draw the project Gant Chart?













Learning Outcome(s):

1.    LO4: Learn how to perform project planning to include estimating and scheduling by creating work breakdown structure and estimate time, resource, and cost requirements.









3 Marks

Question Two

Using any project management tool, draw the project network and show the critical path?


Learning Outcome(s):

1.    LO6: Evaluate project team management and analyze project performance including budget, cot and resource utilization.










3 Mark

Question Three

Using Excel sheet, suppose the project will finish within 6 years (Starting from year 0). Follow your instructor instructions about the value of:

Discount Rate

Cost for every year

Benefits for every year

Your task is to calculate the following:

  • Discount factor for every year.
  • Discounted Benefits for every year.
  • Discounted Cost for every year.
  • Discounted Benefits-Cost for every year
  • Cumulative Benefits – Cost
  • Calculate NPV
  • Calculate ROI
  • Determine the payback in which year (If possible).
  • Explain the situation of your project. (over, under, behind the budget). What your value means ?

then paste your Excel sheet here including your name(s).

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