Introduction to Management Presentation

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Topic 1:

Australia, Kuwait, Europe and the United States are multi-cultural and diverse countries, therefore it is expected “the presence of differences in the workplace.” However, although legislation is in place, minority groups still face discrimination and challenges in the workplace.

Choose one minority group (from any of the countries mentioned above) and analyze the discrimination or challenges these minority groups face within their workplaces. Based on your research, make recommendations for how these workplaces can create a diverse and inclusive workplace environment.

Topic 2: Unethical behavior is closely aligned with deviant behavior in the workplace. Recent studies indicate that this type of negative behavior is still quite prevalent in today’s modern workplaces.

Part A) Research the common types of unethical and deviant behaviors’ in modern workplaces. Make recommendations as to why unethical and deviant behavior is still commonplace in today’s modern workplace.

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Part B) Develop a code of ethics that could be used in any workplace to address the five most common

unethical behaviors’. Identify for employees ‘the expected behaviors’ in terms of general organizational



– Demonstrate an understanding of the main topic

– Recommendations are contemporary, realistic and align with theory

– Quality of Research

– Presentation skills, Report Format, Spelling, grammar, punctuation

– Around 12-14 slides

– Presentation in a group of 3 to 4

– 12 min presentation and 4 minutes for questions and answers.

Students should aim for a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed journal articles


Introduction to Management

Marking Criteria

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  1. Did each participating team member demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the case? 6 marks
  2. Were the presenters able to answer questions about their subject? 6 marks


  1. Were any visual aids well designed & legible? 4 marks
  2. Were the presenters capable of using them well? 4 marks

ORGANIZATION & DELIVERY 5. Did the overall presentation flow smoothly? 4 marks

  1. Was each presenter aware of

and prepared for his/her part in the presentation? 4 marks

  1. Was the presentation of high professional quality? 4 marks
  2. Did the presentation keep your attention? 4 marks


CONCEPTS 9. Was the subject material linked adequately to course concepts?

4 marks

Total ( /40)

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