Internet’s effect on political issues

Internet’s effect on political issues

Paper instructions:

the paper should first discuss a bit different theories on Internet’s effects on political issues. the internet platforms such as social media platforms, Facebook and twitter, powerful platforms for citizens/activists, or powerful for authoritarian governments? then you should explain how authoritarian governments can use the internet to empower their power. you should mention these three concepts,

1-surveillance and accessing information- governments can use social media platforms as a new technique to surveillance. or they can investigate developed and more powerful surveillance systems through the opportunities of the internet. and governments can access their citizen’s private information through internet platforms that they use

2-censorship-internet censorship (as authoritarian governments show their power by censoring, because they do not want from their citizens to access everything, so even if internet platforms are powerful for citizens in order to organize protests, movements or actions, it is also powerful for authoritarian governments as they also benefit from the advantages of the internet)

3-propoganda- governments can use social media platforms to make propaganda

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