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Here is a little background information from the book of Nehemiah:
Nehemiah held a high position during the reign of King Artaxerxes I, the Persian ruler who, at that time, held dominion over the exiled

Jews. Nehemiah was a trusted servant and close advisor to the king. However, to his great dismay, Nehemiah discovered that the rebuilding

of Jerusalem had languished and that the walls of the treasured city were still in shambles. With great prayer and diplomacy, Nehemiah

secured the favor of King Artaxerxes I. He successfully assembled the resources to go finish building the walls amidst severe local

opposition. He completed the job in an amazing 52 days.
Answer the following questions using the book of Nehemiah. Be sure to relate every answer to project management.
1. What can you find about organization in this Bible teaching about achieving goals (2:1–32; 4:16–23)?
2. What can you learn about communication systems in 4:18–20?
3. What can you learn about motivation from 4:10–15, 23?
4. Explain principles of securing materials and funding from 2:8; 5:1–13.
5. What do 4:19 and 2:12–16 teach about evaluation and feedback?
6. Describe what you see about leadership from 2:17–18.
7. What can you learn about setting standards from 6:1, 3, 16?
8. What can you learn about keeping good records from 3:1–32; 7:6–73?
9. List principles about worker assignments and job descriptions from 7:1–3.
This paper must be at least 2 pages and follow current APA guidelines.

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