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Hamlet and Hamartia

In the beginning of the play the ghost of Hamlet’s father asks of hamlet to get revenge on the king his uncle.
• Hamlet is reluctant to go through with this revenge idea
• Hamlet is more willing to go through with his revenge once the ghost tells him that how he died was because he was poisoned by the current king of Denmark.
• Hamlet’s mother Gertrude is married to the king and was married so fast that not even two months after the funeral had gone by.

Body II

Hamlet is smart, so smart that in fact he is the smartest guy in the room in every room he walks into.
• Hamlet and Ophelia are talking to each other and hanging out together
• Hamlet wrote letters to Ophelia professing his love for her
• Polonius is concerned about Hamlet hanging out with his daughter Ophelia
• Polonius is a fool who will do anything for the king
• Polonius decides to use Ophelia to find out the goings on of hamlet’s mind for the king Claudius
• Hamlet figures this out through his old school friends who king Claudius brought to cheer up Hamlet
• Hamlet confronts his mother about his uncle and how she should stay away tonight and as each night passes it will get easier to stay away
• His mother tells the king this and he sends Polonius to watch hamlet
• Hamlet confronts his mother again and ends up killing Polonius with no regards for human life

Hamlet is over eager and prideful which is what blinds him in the end to the fact that Claudius is playing him so he can sword fight Laertes which leads to his death.

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