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Informative and Persuasive Speaking

Home Learning Week 4 (2 Points)

  1. Write a script for an informative speech about COVID 19 vaccination efforts and what we know so far. What are some of the elements your speech would contain?
  2. Discuss the steps in Monroe’s Motivated Sequence and in doing so explain the differences between informative and persuasive speeches.

PROJECT 3: Guidelines for persuasive message

Following scenario: Your university does not offer courses and/or degrees in several disciplines, including Law and Entrepreneurship. You and several of your schoolmates are interested in one or both of these fields of study. Prove that you’ve done your research and believe that the relevant industries are in dire need of interns and graduates for employment.

  1. Write a persuasive letter (approximately 1.5 pages) to me requesting AUD to offer these courses and/or majors.

Remember to think and consider major objections your readers might have and be sure to account for these as you build your argument.

  1. Be clear and remain as positive as is appropriate. Remember to maintain goodwill.
  2. Written part of the assignment: Write a PROFESSIONALLY formatted MEMORANDOM, as yourself.
  3. Your completed message should be:
  4. free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  5. written in sections following the scheme of persuasive messages
  6. approx. 1.5 pages.
  7. appropriately formatted


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