Implementation Phase

Implementation Phase


The module “Getting the Most From Your Sprints” of the Pluralsight course “Scrum Master Fundamentals – Foundations” with Jeremy Jarrell
Continue your work using the scenario presented in Week One.

The Director of Software Engineering for the company has determined that you will use an Agile approach for development of the program, including the implementation phase of the program. The Director has asked you to present to the rest of the team, including your intern, the implementation phase for the program development.

Create a PowerPoint® presentation containing 14 to 16 slides, including an introduction and conclusion slide and detailed speaker notes, that includes the following:

A brief explanation of the Agile model and how an implementation phase works within the model
An example of a software management tool that can be used as you implement the design
A description of at least three user stories that will be critical to the design process
At least three technical design specifications for the program
A brief description of what a Scrum Master does in the implementation phase
A simple illustration of a sprint used in the implementation phase
Cite all sources using APA guidelines.

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